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Changing the Model
Description: 4-page educational supplement released at the second international congress of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas in São Paulo, Brazil. The piece explains, in accessible language and entertaining illustrations, TUCA's central argument that progressive economic, social and labour policies implemented by left-leaning governments across Latin America in recent years were instrumental in helping the region come through the global economic crisis in relatively good shape, and that, while this trend is good, much more is needed to achieve a truly inclusive and democratic economy with "decent work" for all.
Date: 2012

Top ten reasons why CETA is bad for Canada
Description: four-page illustrated educational leaflet explaining the multi-faceted threats to average Canadians posed by the their government's virtually sectret trade negotiations with the European Union. The proposed agreement, called the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), will radically alter Canada by enshrining a broad set of rights for transnational corporations while endangering the environment, public services, local procurement, sovereingty over telecommunications, labour rights, Indigenous people's rights and the democratic rights of Canadians. For more information on the campaign to expose and oppose the CETA, and to order copies of this educational resource, visit the Trade Justice Network.
Published by: Trade Justice Network
Date: 2010

How to Make a Financial Soufflé: The ingredients of Financial Chaos
Description: four-page illustrated educational leaflet that explains how and why financial crises, like the one currently gripping the globe, happen. Follow the crazy corporate chef as he whips up a foul-tasting soufflé called Financial Chaos. See how the excesses of capitalist greed, combined with cheap credit and willful negligence on the part of government lead to the creation of speculative bubbles which inevitably implode, causing chaos and undue hardship in the real economy where ordinary citizens live and work. How to Make a Financial Soufflé is a call to action to transform our economy to one based on democratic control, fairness and real productive pursuits.
Concept/writing by: Jim Stanford
Published by: Canadian Auto Workers
Date: 2009

Top ten reasons why Canada should cancel Harper's free trade deal with Colombia
Description: 4-page illustrated brochure alerting Canadians to their government's attempt to initiate free trade dealings with Colombia. Describes disturbing aspects of the Colombian reality that should cause any serious developed nation to suspend its economic and trade ties with this country. These include deliberate killings of unionized workers and other human rights violations by illegal paramilitary groups, alleged ties between government officials and the paramilitaries, and anti-union labour laws.
Date: 2008

WAKE UP CANADA! Find out why we must stop the SPP
Description: 4-page, full colour illustrated brochure warning Canadians about the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" -- the high-level negotiations taking place in virtual secrecy among the corporate sectors and executive levels of government of Canada, the United States and Mexico to integrate key aspects of the countries' economies and national security systems under the influence of the United States.
Date: 2009

Labour's Platform for the Americas
Description: 8-page, full colour, illustrated booklet. This is the popular education companion to the historic policy document of the same name drafted in 2005 by labour organizations across the Western Hemisphere under the auspices of the Inter-American Regional Workers' Organization. The document details a comprehensive list of policy suggestions designed to steer countries away from the ravages of neoliberal economics and corporate globalization, and towards inclusive economies characterized by full employment, meaningful work, sustainable development, citizen-led democracy, and gender equality. The popular education version was published in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
Published by: Inter-American Regional Workers' Organization (now called the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas)
Date: 2006

Top ten reasons not to vote Conservative
Description: 8-page illustrated booklet, produced during the 2004 Canadian federal election campaign. Based on CUPE's original "Top Ten Reasons" document, this graphically enhanced version was produced to bring the issues to a wider audience
Date: 2004

Globalization: who's winning and who's losing?
Description: 12-page illustrated booklet. This piece provides readers with an entertaining introductory look at globalization, who's driving it and how it's affecting workers and ordinary people. The piece provides a quick history lesson on the rise of neo-liberalism and the death of the Postwar Consensus, central to understanding globalization's real goals and objectives.
Date: 2004

Colombia: the world's most dangerous place for unionized workers
Description: 8-page illustrated booklet. Provides an introduction to the conflict in Colombia and how it is affecting the country's labour movement. The booklet helps readers understand the complex web of forces, both national and international, that are causing systemic human rights abuses, war crimes and atrocities against the people of Colombia and its unionized workers. Adapted in part from an essay written by Iliam Burbano of the Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign
Date: 2002

What's all the fuss about? Globalization and the WTO: what you need to know
Description: 12-page, illustrated educational booklet on globalization and the WTO. Readers follow Globomon, "proud defender of the planet against corporate greed", as he explains in simple terms why we should be concerned about free trade agreements and what we can do to resist them.
Published by: Canadian Auto Workers
Date: 1999

ActionLink: A Guide for Council Activists
Description: 66-page, fully-illustrated guide to starting a Council of Canadians chapter and building campaigns on progressive issues. While the focus is on working within the Council, this resource contains a wealth of practical information for any activist or organization looking to build grassroots campaigns on progressive issues.
Published by: Council of Canadians
Date: 2000

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