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Nothing captures a reader's attention more than cartoons. Whether it's a small spot illustration, a panel cartoon, or a large and detailed scene, cartoons can really break up the monotony of text, and capture the essence of the topic at hand. They're a great way to add visual impact to books, articles, newsletters, pamphlets, leaflets, ads — anything!

Contact me if you need custom cartoon illustrations to liven up your published material.

Enter the image bank (top right) to see some samples. You can purchase rights to re-print most of the cartoons you see in the image bank or elsewhere on my site.

Stylized illustration
Not into cartoons but still want illustrations to brighten your text-heavy material? I also do more stylized illustrations, like the cover of this pamphlet (right). Stylized illustrations are also ideal for icons, like the ones below.

Photo-illustration is the art of creating new, unique and expressive images from existing photographic material, or combining photographic material with other kinds of artwork. (This is distinct from "photoshopping" images to trick the mind into thinking that the modifications are real. A photo illustration is an obvious and deliberate creation of a new image). I created the image to the right for an ad opposing the contracting out of hospital jobs. (And that good-looking hand is my own!)

Illustrated charts and graphs
Lots of interesting imagery can be used with charts and graphs to help people visualize the data you're presenting — without their eyes glazing over. Below are a couple of examples. The first is from a graphic showing the distribution of membership dues in a well-known Canadian union, and the second came from some economic literacy material I produced back in the nineties.



Contact me if you want creative, eye-catching graphics that will enhance the communicative quality of your published material.

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